Contoura Vision Surgery in AIIMS Delhi


The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a renowned public medical research university and hospital in Delhi. The AIIMS Act of 1956 governs the institute, run independently by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Every medical aspirant seeks admission to this institution, which is at the top of the list of research universities and hospitals in India. It has grown significantly in popularity for performing cutting-edge work in various transplants and surgeries using both live and cadaveric donors. In addition, robotic surgeries and other minimally invasive techniques are used for a significant share of operations.

General surgery, breast and endocrine surgery, bariatric surgery for morbid obesity, eye surgery, peripheral vascular diseases, venous disease, etc., have been the subject of numerous well-designed research trials in the department. In addition, multiple research initiatives have produced findings presented at prestigious national and international conferences and published in eminent medical journals.

Contoura Vision Surgery for Specs Removal

A more advanced form of Eye Lasik Surgery called Contoura Vision offers better results for individuals who want to stop wearing glasses. With this cutting-edge method, people who are ineligible for Lasik Eye Surgery because of cornea abnormalities can achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Another name for Contoura Vision is topography-guided Lasik. It represents the most recent development in laser vision correction for the elimination of glasses. Contrarily, the Contoura method corrects corneal abnormalities and improves the visual axis, whereas Lasik and SMILE procedures improve eyeglass power. In this way, Contoura Surgery offers finer visual results that Lasik and SMILE operations cannot deliver.

Contoura Vision Surgery at AIIMS Delhi

First, you should know that the LASIK and Contoura Vision procedures are appropriate for all individuals. To ensure that a patient will benefit from the surgery, a skilled ophthalmologist must do a comprehensive eye exam and health history. AIIMS, Delhi, offers Contoura Vision Surgery to correct patients’ vision, and the Contoura Vision Cost in AIIMS Delhi is also affordable. They assess the distinct eye ailments of each patient and suggest a treatment strategy that would result in the best visual results.

Here is a procedure for Contoura Surgery in AIIMS Delhi:

Steps #1: Schedule an appointment –

There are two ways to schedule an appointment: online or visit directly to AIIMS. If you are getting it online, you have to enter your mobile number and Aadhaar card and pay Rs.10.

Step #2: Eligibility criteria –

The minimum recommended age is 18, and your eye power should have been stable for at least a year. Doctors at AIIMS would not suggest surgery if you don’t fit these requirements.

Step #3: Checking and tests –

At the initial appointment, the doctor will speak with you after checking the prescription on your glasses and performing a few tests.

Step #4: Other appointments and tests –

In the next appointment, more tests will be conducted to choose the best procedure and ensure the eyes are healthy. In the test, the nurse will administer dilating eye drops that prevent you from reading on a laptop or mobile device for 5 to 7 hours. It would take three to five visits to complete the tests. Also, they will advise you to take the day off.

Step #5: Operation –

Before the operation, they will scan both eyes. In the process, the laser starts and runs for 5 to 10 seconds. Each eye takes ten minutes from preparation to completion, while the whole procedure will take 1-2 hours. After the operation, a follow-up with a doctor is necessary.

Contoura Vision Surgery Cost in AIIMS Delhi

The Contoura Vision Surgery cost in AIIMS starts from Rs21,000, which includes both eyes and taxes.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Contoura Vision Surgery in Delhi

We provide the best and high-quality Contoura Surgery, which helps patients to remove their glasses. Patients can clearly see without glasses post-operation. Select us for better vision quality and quantity; your experience during and after the surgery will be wonderful.

At our centre, the focus of the therapy is the eye’s visual axis. Therefore, the cornea abnormalities are smoothed throughout the Contoura vision process, generating the best outcomes, and the optical quality becomes so ideal that the light enters the eye uniformly. Patients thus have bright and clear eyesight. This method outperforms traditional eyeglass correction by a wide margin. The most well-known name for Contoura Lasik Eye Surgey in Delhi NCR is Contoura Vision Surgery Center. Our ophthalmologists successfully do this surgery with the most up-to-date technical equipment. So get in touch with us if you need any consultation for vision correction.

Procedure for Contoura Surgery

The Contoura Surgery procedure is simple and effective at our LASIK clinic in Delhi. You have to schedule an appointment online and leave the rest to us. The doctor will check and run some tests to check whether your eye is fit for surgery and will advise the best surgery possible at a cost-effective price. Following Contoura Vision Surgery, many patients report seeing more clearly than before, even without their glasses.

  • A thorough preliminary evaluation is performed, including a clinical examination and corneal topography, to determine the patient’s compatibility and safety for the Contoura Laser surgery. If any retinal problems are discovered during the evaluation, they are initially repaired with a barrage laser, and then Contoura is performed one to four weeks later.
  • On the day of surgery, the topolyser collects the patient’s topographic data, which is then sent to the treatment planning station to create the specific treatment profile.
  • After 30 minutes, the patient is free to leave the hospital. To hasten the healing process and prevent infection, eye drops are always recommended.

Cost of Contoura Vision Surgery in Delhi

The cost of Contoura surgery is much more cost-effective and comes out with better results. Contact us and get the best treatment at an affordable price.

Why Should You Choose Contoura Vision Surgery for Specs Removal?

Numerous treatments for corneal issues are provided by us, including regular LASIK, Bladeless LASIK, and Contoura Vision. It also offers Relex SMILE as an alternative to contacting lenses to enhance vision. Patients unable to get laser refractive surgery for various reasons are frequently advised to get SMILE.

For Contoura Surgery, our center is recognized as the top eye surgery hospital in Delhi, India. The Wavelight FS200 femtosecond laser, Wavelight EX500 excimer laser, and LenSx bladeless femtosecond laser are just a few of the state-of-the-art surgical tools available at the facility. Modern ophthalmologic equipment needed to diagnose eye disorders and create treatment strategies is housed within the facility.

Patients’ experiences are the best approach to assessing a hospital’s services. Numerous procedures have been conducted at the center. Patients routinely give positive feedback. The center strongly emphasizes patient interactions built on trust and safety requirements.

Our Eye Lasik Center in Delhi is regarded as one of the most advanced facilities for eye health and vision care. With our team, we have the most outstanding surgeons in the area and eye experts with years of experience. We offer helpful, educated, skilled staffs that include nurses who will watch out for your needs and comfort. Moreover, we provide high-quality Specs Removal focusing on your comfort and convenience.

You should choose our centre for Contoura Lasik or Lasik surgery and not AIIMS because it is less crowded than AIIMS Delhi. Additionally, we only offer eye Lasik surgery, and at AIIMS, you can find various patients for different treatments and surgeries. We work hard to ensure you and your family have the greatest patient experience possible. We are devoted and committed to giving you the best service attainable and offer Lasik Eye Surgery that is both effective and affordable. So, make an appointment with us right away!


To conclude, you may eliminate your corneal issues using Contoura, which works wonders on your visual axis. Compared to previous approaches, you go away with a cornea that has been treated and substantially crisper vision. Through gorgeous, healthy eyes, Contoura Vision enables you to give your individuality a special dimension. Topolyser, excimer, Femto, and other lasers are available to patients. With Contoura Vision, you may expect a superior visual result that has never been seen before.

Furthermore, if you are sick of donning a mask and hazy glasses, opting for Contoura Surgery to remove glasses may be helpful. AIIMS Delhi is popular for this surgery, and you may find the Contoura Vision Surgery cost in AIIMS cost-friendly. Still, there are other benefits that you can get at our Eye Lasik Surgery Centre in Delhi. We offer the eye Lasik surgery in the best way, so schedule an appointment with us today!

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