Customized Lasik in Delhi

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Customized Lasik For Correcting Common Refractive Errors

LASIK is a procedure that has helped so many people around the globe improve their vision, who had issues with refractive errors. Custom LASIK procedure makes use of a computer called Wavefront device to measure the cornea of the patient, examining abrasion and calculating how the vision can be improved while keeping the original shape of the cornea intact. If you compare this custom LASIK with the conventional method, it does not involve any procedure to take corneal abrasion into account. Hence people who are adopting the custom LASIK reports fewer side-effects, like light distortion and night driving issues.

Customized Wavefront Lasik in Delhi

When we are referring to wavefront LASIK, it means that it’s a specific process called wavefront-guided technology which in particular is used by eye surgeons to determine which part of the cornea needs to be reshaped and also it involves proper evaluation of overall eye health before recommending you for surgery. When we mention wavefront computer imaging it means that your cornea will be even more specifically shaped, and you will have an increased chance of having better than 20/40 vision. That is the reason the process is called custom as it is customized to the eye need of the person.

Benefits of Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery

The biggest benefit of customizing LASIK over conventional LASIK is that the conventional method does not measure your specific corneal aberrations, including areas that may be thinner than others. Wavefront technology allows your eye specialist to customize where the lasers will remove tissue from the cornea, taking your cornea’s individual shape and irregularities into account.

You qualify for custom LASIK if you:

  • Are a legal adult that is of ages 18 or older.
  • You should not have any history of eye disease, infection, or scarring.
  • Should have a corneal thickness that is appropriate for the procedure.
  • Moderate nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism issue.
  • Have farsightedness that is not caused by age.

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