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SBK LASIK Surgery: A Perfect Treatment for Eyes

Contoura Vision Surgery, a renowned facility for the treatment of refractive issues, is overjoyed to announce the best SBK eye surgery in Delhi. The procedure for the removal of eyeglasses that is now thought to be the most dependable, accurate, and safe is the SBK Lasik Technology. Our priority when making a corneal flap is constantly maintaining the cornea’s structural integrity. The excellent level of safety and quick visual recovery following SBK Lasik can benefit patients with issues. Know more about the SBK LASIK Surgery:

If you are looking for the best option for your specs removal, you can go for SBK advanced LASIK, one of the most exciting new advancements in the field of laser vision correction. In this procedure, diseased retinal tissue is carefully targeted and removed using a laser. The abbreviation “SBK” is “sub-keratomileusis,” a type of keratomileusis often known as thin-flap LASIK. The component of the cornea that is removed during this procedure is the superficial layer of corneal tissue, also known as Bowman’s membrane, from which the method derives its name. With SBK Lasik, it is possible to create thinner flaps with a thickness that ranges from 90 to 110 microns as opposed to the standard LASIK procedure, which produces flaps with a thickness that ranges from 120 to 180 microns.

SBK Thin Flap Q Lasik Surgery For Best Visual Recovery

The main objective of the SBK Advanced Lasik Surgery is to preserve the cornea, through the creating of a thin and precise flap and it offers quick, safe, and good visual recovery for patients. For SBK Thin Flap Q Lasik, the corneal flap is lifted by the microkeratome instead of the Femto-laser. The flap thickness is around 110 microns only, so we tend to lose additional 20 microns of the cornea. But by not using Femto-laser helps to bring down the cost drastically. Also, the result does not differ; visual results are the same as we use the custom-Q treatment which is the same for both.

SBK Eye Surgery – Advanced & Safest Method Available Now

It is one of the safest methods available and has swiftly risen to the top of the list of therapies for refractive diseases. Additionally, it provides an advancement over the LASIK procedure. However, the ability of a surgical procedure to correctly cure refractive defects is ultimately what matters most.

The advantages of this process include a decreased risk of corneal biomechanical weakening, more excellent corneal stability, and a reduced incidence of ectasia. Here is why you should get SBK LASIK surgery:

  • Enhanced degrees of both clarity and sharpness in one’s vision
  • Reduces levels of higher-order disruptions
  • Quicker recovery of sight increased sensitivity
  • Helps in reducing the complexity, glare, and halo counts
  • Decreased likelihood of developing post-operative dry eye disease
  • Accuracy enhancements in calculating the flap’s thickness
  • Capable of effectively treating corneas with a decreased thickness

People who are looking for good results at an affordable price can certainly go for this option to get a better vision but at a lesser price. Custom-Q is used to describe corneal shape treatment which can be customized to an individual’s eye. Q Value of the cornea is actually the way to describe the shape of the cornea. Many believe that the cornea has the shape of the sphere but in a real sense, this is never the case.

The cornea has a Q value of approximately -0.35 and is referred to as a Prolate shape of the cornea. Ablating the cornea by the method of Excimer laser to correct the spectacle power also results in flattening of the cornea that is called the oblate shape. Excessive flattening can be detrimental to the visual quality. A customized Q method treatment (SBK eye surgery) helps us plan the Q value of the patient so that the cornea quality of vision can be maintained at a maximum level.

Benefits of SBK Thin Flap Q Lasik Surgery:

  • The result is better vision quality
  • Helps in maintaining better corneal stability and strength
  • Faster recovery and improved vision
  • Less issue like dry eyes post-operation
  • Cost-effective

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