What is Contoura Vision and Why Should You Opt For Contoura Vision?


If you are a person befuddled with wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses for your whole life, you’ll know the discomfort it comes with.

Given everyone’s desire to see with their bare eyes, it goes without saying that you considered going for a laser surgery at some point in your life. The corrective surgery has been a blessing for millions who wanted a life with prescription glasses or eye troubles.

Contoura vision takes that dream a step forward by introducing a latest advancement in Specs removal.

This newest laser vision correction procedure is not only an FDA approved state-of-the-art technology, it also comes with the innovation of treating your corneal irregularities and for visual axis treatment.

Why should you get Contoura Vision Treatment?

Contoura vision gives you the ability to live Specs free without the slightest discomfort and all the added benefits. It is a revolutionary corrective measure for eyes with refractive errors.

Contoura vision provides eye health corrective support on 3 fronts:

1.  Removal Of Prescription Glasses: You can now live without your glasses with a surgical method that has been approved by the US FDA as the safest eye surgery of our times. It is now easier than ever to treat eye irregularities and become specs free for life.

2. Treatment of Corneal Irregularities: The microscopic irregularities of the cornea are taken care of with the help of a Topolyser. The irregularities are mapped with 22,000 unique data points and then corrected.

3. Visual Axis treatment: The visual axis is the line passing through the line of sight in the eye. And the pupillary axis is the line passing through the center of the eye. While other procedures affect the pupillary axis, Contoura vision takes care of the Visual Axis. The result is a much sharper visual outcome.

Benefits of Contoura Vision

The benefits of this method are countless, this giving it an edge over the other procedures.

Let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from opting for a Laser Eye Correction Contoura Vision surgery.

  • Contoura Vision puts safety to the forefront and meets the highest safety standards.
  • It is a walk in – walk out procedure with no blade/bandage/injections involved.
  • A highly painless method to achieve specs less vision.
  • Unique corneal irregularity removal feature.
  • Gives you an optically perfect smooth corneal surface
  • The visual sharpness achieved is a better outcome than LASIK or SMILE procedure.
  • Contoura Vision is superior to SMILE for specs removal, as noted by the International Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery
  • Contoura Vision is superior to LASIK as it is blade free and has shown comparatively lower induction of HOAs as found in scientific research done at PGI Chandigarh
  • UD FDA studies found 65% patients who received top guided LASIK Contoura vision achieved vision better than 6/6
  • Many leading centres offer the Contoura Vision procedure, thus increasing your chances at a convenient and comfortable procedure.
  • Patients not eligible for Contoura Vision can avail the Epi Contoura or Streamlight Laser procedure. It is also helpful for thin corneas.


Contoura vision is a far cry from Lasik or Smile.  Contoura helps you get rid of your corneal troubles and at the same time prove wonders on your Visual Axis.

You leave with a treated cornea and a much sharper visual outcome as compared to other methods.

Contoura vision helps you add a unique dimension to your personality through beautiful, healthy eyes. It offers patients the best Topolyser, excimer laser, femto laser, etc. A never-before seen superior visual outcome awaits you with Contoura Vision.

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